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Serbia Tours – Discover Serbia with us

Serbia Tours are organized for Feel Belgrade Apartments guests by help of our kind staff in cooperation with www.feelserbia.com.

Feel Serbia is an agency that has shown that an effective and highly professional organization of Serbia Tours is possible and the primary goal it aims at. The team of professionals with many years of experience in tourism will make our clients get the best option and advice for the best Serbia Tours which suites them.

Highly educated personnel as well as proven and reliable business partners have enabled us to build our decennial business on the foreign and domestic market with a sure step.

In order for each of your stay to be unique our Feel Belgrade Apart hotel will provide for you best accommodation available to you in over 40 apartments in our property that give you the feeling that you are at home. Apartments that are all  functional and what is most important – comfortable, nicely decorated and modern are located at central location in Belgrade.

With our conscientious work, dedication and with maximum responsibility, we want to provide our customers with the highest quality accommodation in Serbia and Serbia Tours. In the system of our business, apart from lux apartments, there is a rich fleet of newest vehicles, mini buses …

Serbia sightseeing tours

Serbia sightseeing tours

Serbia tours – Feel Serba – Love Serbia

A huge amount of the clients we’ve worked with, closely claim that we are very reliable, efficient, and that our service has made them trustworthy. Let us make your stay as an individual, or as a group visit of Belgrade organized by us be filled with quality time. Our professional drivers will bring you shortly, and safely to the requested destination, our tourist guides introduce you to the excursion trips of Belgrade and Serbia Tours, and thanks to the team of our animators, you will find out why Belgrade stands out for the capital of night life in Europe.