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About Belgrade - Belgrade landmarks and attractions: Combination of charm and history!

About Belgrade - Belgrade landmarks and attractions: Combination of charm and history! Serbian Capitol city, with history over 7000 years is one of the oldest settlements in Europe.

City that was destroyed and reconstructed the most, containing many secrets worth seeing and hearing. Belgrade - the eternal city, as Alexander Diklic called it, lies on the confluence of two great European rivers Sava and Danube, guards many cultural landmarks and events, beautiful to everybody - regardless the age.

The cosmopolitan charm of the city can be experienced during walks or maybe via panoramic city sightseeing by bus, or boat or even by plane - discover the city and enjoy the charm of its streets and old buildings, underground tunnels and many other landmarks that adorn the city. Most of the museums, parks, squares, cultural monuments, as well the Belgrade Fortress are just a walking distance away, because most of them are in the city center.

Like with every other city sightseeing you can't miss and see one of the two oldest fortresses in Europe - the Belgrade fortress a.k.a Kalemegdan, which represents the main landmark of Belgrade and cultural center of the Serbian capital city. Centuries of its history speak of numerous battles, armoured clashes and conquests between the great forces of the Roman Empire, the Huns, the Hapsburg Monarchy, the Ottoman Empire during wars between the West and the East.

Bohemian quarter Skadarlija is one of the most interesting Belgrade landmarks. It oozes fun and artistic atmosphere, and reminds its visitors of the Parisian quarter Montmartre. For centuries Skadarlija was the gathering point of all prominent people of Serbia and the Balkans - many poets and musicians created their finest pieces right in this quarter.

Night life in Belgrade is quite promising, having an international reputation to keep up with. The prestigious tour guide Lonely Planet ranked Belgrade as the No 1 city on the world list of cities with the best night and club life and called it the European capitol of fun. Unforgettable clubs, river clubs and taverns will share only a piece of magic that radiates in this city, which charmed conquerors for centuries.

Belgrade landmarks, interesting stes and fun make this city a tourist destination that offers everything and puts it side by side with cities like Rome, Paris or Madrid.House rules and rules of conduct in apartments FeelBelgrade