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The data collected by our adverting partners, such as Google AdSense, with the prior consent of each individual user, are used to track the number of visits to our website and the number of times our articles have been read.

If the user does not want to receive personalized ads, they can opt out of data collection at any point by using the links below.

You can find more information on how Google uses data and services on this link. https://policies.google.com/technologies/partner-sites

What are cookies?
Cookies are small, textual data files that are placed on your computer to collect anonymous data.

What data do cookies collect?
Our cookies, with your consent, collect the IP address of your computer, time, and potentially data on the browser you are using.

By using our website, feelbelgradeapartments.com, the user consents to the use of cookies as well as to the use of such information for the statistical purposes of tracking the website traffic.

How do we use cookies?
We use cookies to track a webpage’s traffic statistics, such as which articles are interesting to the reader and to improve the functioning and increase the speed of the webpage. In addition, cookies are used for your unimpeded and easy use of our website. For example, cookies can remember your search or log-in data that you have left on the webpage, so that you don’t have to log in each time you visit the website.

What type of cookies exist?
There are first party cookies that we have previously described, and third party cookies placed by partner pages, advertising companies such as Google Analytics and Google AdSense and marketing companies. By using cookies, these companies can track the number of times an article was read or the number of times a link was clicked.

First party cookies
First party cookies are cookies placed by our website to improve user experience.

Third party cookies
Our website uses a couple of services that place limited cookies that do not originate from our website, nor do we have control over them, and they are used to enable some functionalities of the website.

Google Analytics can place cookies to measure the traffic coming to our webpages and improve user experience. If you want to disable these cookies, visit the following link: Google Analytics. https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

Social media
Cookies can also be used when you share articles on social media such as Facebook.

How to manage cookies?
You can delete or even block the cookies placed by our website. To find out more about how to manage cookies, check out the help desk pages of the browser you are using. Still, we do not recommend blocking cookies because you could be limiting some functionalities of a webpage as well as access to some content.

By registering and using the website feelbelgradeapartments.com it is understood that the user has read, understood, and accepted the Personal Data Protection Rules. These Rules are subject to changes, so we ask users to check the most recent version from time to time. If the user continues to use the website after the changes of the Rules, it will be understood that the user agrees to the changes in the Personal Data Protection Rules.

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation
For more information on GDPR, read this article: GDPR. https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/HR/TXT/?uri=celex%3A32016R0679